EA from Houston, Texas

Here's what EA had to say:

"I thought the sweetgrass inserts were done perfectly. Given the grass the possibility of a stray piece of grass was expected. I found no stray pieces of grass on any of the knobs I received. Each knob is one of a kind and the way the color variation of the sweetgrass is done is lovely.
The finish of the metal compared to the knobs I bought for the kitchen were definitely a finer, more intense bronze tone. The kitchen knobs were a more orangey bronze.

The packing of the knobs with the individual attention to each knob was appreciated. It showed the care of the product making sure each item was damage free.
We were not able to cut the screws down. Being in the new house we find we are without many tools we had at the other house. My husband tried to break it off with a plier with no luck. I think a hacksaw would be needed.
All in all I think you have cornered a very clever, unique cabinet knob market. I cannot wait for the pulls which I think will be stunners."