Having a plan to escape the cold for good, Coastal Touch Founders Joe and Liz relocated to South Carolina several years ago. What they discovered upon arrival was not only climate relief, but also a new inspiration they hadn’t experienced in their previous locale. The Lowcountry, as it is called, offered stimulation to the senses in the form of pastel colors that were pleasing to the eye; tactile treasures in the textures of the seashore and the marshes and an exciting new environment to challenge their comfort zone and awaken their desire for a new adventure.

Avid home builders and passionate about interior design, Joe and Liz found themselves inspired by the local craftsmanship, tradition and architecture of the Lowcountry and set about to design an interior living space enthused by their new surroundings.  Specifically, they fell in love with the local Sweetgrass baskets sold throughout town, and wanted to find a way to incorporate the design into their kitchen.  At that same time Joe was looking for new cabinet knobs that would set their kitchen apart, and idea struck him – what if he could somehow fuse the design of the Sweetgrass basket into each knob, further celebrating the local traditions and design that he and Liz had fallen in love with.  An idea was born and a year later, so was Coastal Touch – a means of celebrating the Lowcountry and sharing it with others across the country.

In addition to offering you unique, practical and coastal products, we also strive to educate shoppers about the Lowcountry, providing you with information and facts related to certain product categories or featured items on the site along with colorful and useful information on the region for visitors. For example, did you know that sweetgrass baskets were originally created for rice harvesting - a very practical use, or that wading is not only permitted in the Pineapple Fountain in the Battery, but welcomed! 

Founded in August 2014, Coastal Touch is privately held and headquartered in Mount Pleasant, SC the birthplace of Sweetgrass baskets in the US. We hope that you find our website and service a convenient, informational and satisfying experience.

Thank you,
Joseph & Elizabeth Albano